Berry Weight are a duo from Switzerland and Canada, members Apewok & Stab create music that is hard to describe!  So I’ll let them describe it: “Berry Weight is a soulful electro-organic-space-jazz duo, harmonizing storybook-like melodies and cinematic atmospheres“.  The duo who met over the net recently released their debut album: Music For Imaginary Movies.

Berry Weight = Apewok & Stab

Upon listening to the album it does not take long to realise that these guys are good… really good.  The album kicks off with one of the best instrumental tracks I’ve heard in a long time, the track Yeti’s Lament is just mind blowing.  At three minutes thirty seconds the only problem with this song is its not long enough!  I could listen to 10 minutes of this tracks – that’s how much i love it.  I’m a huge fan of instrumental albums but its hard to find a instrumental album that doesn’t bore you, one that keeps you listening to the whole album not just 3 or 4 tracks.  And i can say that this is the kinda album i could listen to from start to finish.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Berry Weight – Yeti’s Lament” dl=”0″]

The next track Equations features Denmark’s Astrid Engberg singing over a electric beat.  It is a very melodic track – definatly one of my favourites on the album.  She really has a amazing voice and her voice is perfect for this beat!  Up next is the action ‘The Day Nothing Happened‘ which is a funny name for this track as the track has so much going on in it.  After that comes Walking By Your Side which is hard to describe, like the albums name suggests upon hearing this song you could imagine it accompanying a movie, the song starts of with a slow beat and gradually builds up pace, the same can be said for the next track Magicians Assistant.

“Music For Imaginary Movies” Album PreviewCLICK HERE TO SEE THE VIDEO

The next track – The Lotus features Astrid Engberg again and also features Hip Hop group A State of Mind (ASM) is a down-tempo track and ASM rap real well over the beat.  Then comes ‘The Dodo‘ this is another one of my favourites i like the scratching in this track and the way it builds up pace as the track goes on.  After which comes Heart Shaped Rock & Krakatoa – both of which feature a wide range of sounds from Scratching to drums and what even sounds like a wind flute!  The last two tracks are Cowboys and Indians and Sky Below, Cowboys and Indians has that Wild West sound all the way though it and i like the way they just mash up the sound and give it a new look whilst still keeping that recognisable ‘Western‘ sound.  Sky Below again features Astrid Engberg and is another of my favourites – this track just sounds like one of those tracks that would accompany a advert or short film.

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Berry Weight – Sky Below” dl=”0″]

No matter what i say i cannot describe this albums sound enough to give it justice.  How do you describe a album that is indescribable? The sound is so eclectic its refreshing to hear a album so different.  If your a fan of:  Bonobo, Emancipator, Blockhead and Trip Hop this is a must own.  The whole album just has a indescribable vibe – its one of those albums you can just sit back and listen to and the songs will take you on a journey!


More Info & Link to buy the album:

Link to Buy the Album


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