The UMC’s, a major staple in Hip Hop, release the teaser for their new documentary “The UMC’s: Staten Island’s Forgotten Sons.” The documentary is produced by Haas G and Kool Kim (The UMC’s) along with Boo and Sarah Hartman Evans.

The trailer sets a nostalgic tone as fans will hear snippets of how the group emerged onto the scene as the first Staten Island rap group. They are also noted as the first rap group out of Staten Island to appear and perform on Soul Train as well as the first rap group out of Staten Island to chart No.1 on Billboard, twice. Who can forget turning on the tv to watch Martin and seeing the poster-size album cover of ‘Fruits of Nature.’

30 years later, the group continues to spark discussion in Hip Hop among today’s most esteemed artists. In a recent interview, Kanye West shared rushing to the store with his allowance, hyped to purchase the cassette tape of ‘Fruits of Nature’ while shared in a news clip being a huge fan and how much the duo influenced his career.

Watch the trailer above and stay tuned for the official documentary of “The UMC’s: Staten Island’s Forgotten Sons.”

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