Repeat Pattern comes correct and slangs a monkey wrench into this underground swing of things with a brand new heavy hitter of a project entitled rp that dropped about a month ago… Cascade Records is to blame for the push,it is highly recommended and is out now.. Also peep the optical adventure after the jump… Welcome to the Bond!.. Ghea!!

RP, the new album by producer Repeat Pattern,
is a silky polymorphic journey through the heart of a beat.
An art that Repeat Pattern handles adeptly on this, his third, release
on Cascade Records. With his very personal quality of beat production, the nervous clap, the heavy yet sweet bass line, the sublime sense of melody borrowed from jazz’s finest, Repeat Pattern bends sound to create his own hiphop. On this journey he leads us through various atmospheres, some welcoming and others hostile! put it on, lets go!
Sal, Cascade Records

VIA Bandcamp

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