Oh boy. Of all the album releases to miss while I was tending to responsibilities elsewhere…* This dropped about a month ago and I must apologise for my lack of diligence. Nonetheless, it is always better late than never so while I deliver myself a roundhouse make sure you check out Red Pill & Hir-O’s The Kick.

(*EDIT: It actually only went on sale last week and the release date on Bandcamp was just the audio preview so my conscience is unburdened!)

I’d been keeping an eye on the duo’s progress over the last year – it was first Something Like 50 gripped me like a Vulcan – as they hyped up the fan base and the blogs with a series of videos and teaser releases and got signed to Fat Beats for distribution of the LP, and after some delay The Kick landed. An album that deals body blows to those who choose to snooze, Hir-O is a magus on the beat, bringing an eerie, hyped up quality to proceedings, as his partner in crime Red Pill recites the incantations, a meditative flow of a guy just getting his mind off his chest. They once posed the question of how long they’ve been ignored; be sure they aren’t now.

Stream the album above and cop below.

Purchase: iTunesKunaki (Physical)

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