Reavpr closes out the week with 2 new joints for us to vibe out to. The beats titled  “Você Brilha na Luz” and “Vermelho Vivo” further showcases the producer’s knack for crafting smooth, cinematic type beats that engulf the ears from the moment you hit the play button. So, sit back, relax, and let us break it down for you.

The first cut “Você Brilha na Luz” has a very soft tone with its lush synths and keys and warm bassline. The drums are quite eclectic and there are more than a handful of switch-ups and breaks that indicate a change of pace and fidelity. It’s an interesting piece from start to finish.

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The second cut titled “Vermelho Vivo” is more laidback. The solemn piano chords play a major role here and the drums are somewhat sluggish giving the entire vibe a very human feel. It’s quite calming and serves as the perfect backdrop for doing chores or just relaxing.


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