Katherine Swain has taken the realm of R&B to the next level with her latest charting singles, now she brings a captivating nuptial between R&B and Hip Hop in “Changes.” The record features Hip Hop artist Rhyrmcka with production by Bookowski for Fantom of the Beat (Haas G of The UMCs).

“Changes” is driven by 70’s soul with instrumental loops that emanate Pam Grier vibes. Swain’s passionate vocal deliverance is sure to raise neck hairs as she narrates a tale of broken promises. Time after time she is assured that her man will change to keep her at bay. Now it’s time for Swain to make her own changes. Striding through NYC as NYC feels her back, it’s time to gain new confidence.

Rhymrcka comes in with a lyrical verse backing Swain up. Although her vocals fade out, genuine emotions linger. Stream “Changes” and connect with Katherine Swain below.



Stream “Changes” on preferred platforms- https://orcd.co/kschanges



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Writers: Katherine Swain

Fantom of the Beat  

Delmar Coward 

Mobutu Evans aka Bookowski 


Produced by Mobutu Evans aka Bookowski for Fantom of the beat.

Mixed by A kid named Cus

Mastered by Tim Boyce

Additional vocal production by Pleasant Russell

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