West coast legendary lyricist Ras Kass gifts us with the first leak off his upcoming”Year End Closeout” EP. The song in question is the smooth, laid back cut titled “New Era Cashmere” which was produced by Merge Beats  In usual fashion, Ras shows once again why he will always be regarded as a top tier lyricist as he easily blows the competition out the water with his vivid lyrical imagery and time tested flows.

“….Fxxk a vacation, I just be living at the studio/ All I do is shxt ,shower, shave and spit a flow/ I’m in a UFO, Lakers cap, Raiders colors with kush that glow in the dark, nothing can save you from us...”

Completely void of gimmicky hooks, Ras Kass delivers this gem which serves as a tip of the proverbial iceberg. “New Era Cashmere” will appear on the forthcoming free mixtape “Year End Closeout, A Playlist” which is set to drop this December. The Playlist features unreleased collaborations with Kurupt, Killah Priest, Mike Epps, Wais P, Planet Asia and more. Ras Kass is also currently working on new solo material as well as his Jamo Gang project with El Gant and J57.  


Year End Close Out Playlist track listing:

  1. Year End (Intro)” – (Prod by Eaz 1)
  2. Kill The Messenger” (Prod by Bud’da and feat bass by Jesus of Lettuce)
  3. Chinese Sex” Feat The Wurx, (Prod by The Wurx)
  4. Gangstas/LAVD” (Gangstas Prod by DJ Khalil / LAVD Prod by Unknown, Hook by Kobe/LAVD)
  5. Street Fighter” Feat Kurupt and Killah Priest (Prod by Luis RubioDoc Hollywood)
  6. Never Free” (Prod by Unknown, Hook by Kree)
  7. Pyramid Scheme” Feat Coast Contra (Prod by Apathy)
  8. Armed & Dangerous” Feat Planet Asia (Prod by Unknown)
  9. Rick James” Feat Numskull of Tha Luniz (Prod by Felony Muzick)
  10. New Era Cashmere” (Prod by Merge Beats )
  11. Cats Away” Feat Wais P and Lonnie B (Prod by Team Demo)
  12. The Queef Song” Feat Mike Epps (Prod by Eric Goldman)

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