London-based rapper/songwriter rare8-een makes his entry on our site with his new project GENERIC, a 5 track body of work that explores growth, and personal struggles while showcasing different sides to his artistry.

“Stay Safe” is the first track and introduced audiences to rare8-een’s laidback flow and unapologetic raps. Over the solemn piano-laden backdrop, he pays homage to those who supported him and showed him love through the hard times. on the flip side, he also reflects on a few times when he was jammed up. Lines like I’m going on this grind ting, I’m going on the run/I’m running from the hard days of kadz living young/Wishing on my star but I was stuck in the slum” explore his new mindset as he ventures forward to be a better man. This is followed by “Eff Boii”, a soul sample-driven track made up of vocal chops and punchy drums. The title is self-explanatory and offers a glimpse into his past life and the trifling ways he had to leave behind. Armed with his gruff laidback flow and vivid songwriting he shares with us some of his experiences with lines like “I told probation now they want man to handle me/They talking mad chat, I told them it wasn’t like that/ I showed you nothing but the progress of a wise man/how to hit the roads on my ten toes/I ain’t seen nor shift a stone. The track is reflective and shows accountability and the journey of a young black man trying to build his legacy far from the madness.


Next is “Story Of Trap”, another introspective piece that gives listeners another perspective of the rapper. Over the afro-fusion soundscape made up of rich guitar licks, warm textures and bouncy drum grooves, rare8-een uses a playful melodic flow to good effect. From grinding on the streets, balancing fast money and women and finding his true purpose in life, we get a sense of clarity from rare8-een as he sheds light on his life with vivid imagery. He switches the vibe with the dancehall-infused “Loves Bug” where he talks about matters of the heart. He shows the ups and downs of maintaining a relationship while the streets keep calling his name. The lyrics are compelling and unapologetic as rare8-een doesn’t mince his words and acknowledges his flaws. The final track “Generic” help close the project and it’s a bravado-laden track that captures his no-holds-barred flow and playful raps too. Here he gives us a glimpse into some of the many motives he arranged while keeping the moves lowkey.


Overall GENERIC, is short and runs for just 16 Minutes but it’s enough to give listeners a true sense of what makes rare8-een tick. He is far from being one dimensional and armed with his expressive flow, he shows vulnerability, insight, introspection and playful demeanours.




Stream GENERIC on here.



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