It feels like Rakim has been around forever and there’s no doubt he’ll live on for all eternity having cemented his place in musical legend; stories are immortal ladies and gentlemen. But if people were wondering “What’s up?” with regards to his whereabouts, he’s not ready to become a museum artefact just yet, and ‘What’s Wrong’ demonstrates just why Rakim still has so much to offer Hip Hop. Read more about it – and download it – after the jump.

Marco Polo f Rakim What’s Wrong

This is actually a Marco Polo track and if I was writing authentically I’d have given him the artist credit, but I think that Rakim is just too much of a don to reserve to a feature. It was recorded back in 2009 for Rakim’s Seventh Seal and is due to be released on Marco Polo’s upcoming mixtape Newport Authority 2, which’ll also feature a bunch of other heavyweight MCs such as Big Daddy Kane and Torae.

Marco Polo’s flip asks Rakim just what’s wrong and needing no invitation the lyrical guru brings forth to the light his detailing of the dark sides of society – and there’s plenty to talk about, from poverty to the richest. It is not an uplifting track, but it is a raw one and a much needed fix for those golden era heads out there.

I’m not too sure what Rakim is doing right now but I hope he’s working on some new material. It is strange to think of Hip Hop without him active. If you fancy, listen to our WIB podcast The Influence Of Rakim’.

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