Prolific producer Radicule shares with us his latest offering titled “Seba & Yancey”. The track is very solemn, soulful and groovy all at once. The style employed here is fashioned to the likes of the late great J Dilla and Nujabes. Mellow, layered and very emotion-driven enough to draw the listener into a space of serenity and bliss.

“Seba & Yancey”. is taken from his new instrumental tape Sesame Kids.

 Wearing his influences on his sleeve on this album whilst also constructing soundscapes that best embody his childhood in the Bronx, Radicule. pulls up with some of his most textured work to date. Tracks polished up just enough to shimmer through grains of dust & dirt, ‘Sesame Kids’ is a warm invitation to anyone listening to kick their feet up and step into the world of Radicule. in its purest form. A total of 24 tracks, clocking in at 36 minutes, it’s a listen best for clearing your mind on a long train ride or simply cleaning around the crib & bopping a little bit. Released on the rising Boston-based beat label, Dust Collectors, the album is another testament to the growing and blooming beat culture springing forth worldwide.

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