NYC based multi-cultural band QNA caught our attention with their brand of music that takes elements from multiple genres. Made up of artists Theo Croker, Roots Percussionist, and Mike Larry Draw, the band brings to the fore a whole new dimension to the classic New York sound. Their newest release is the song “Results.”

The record is a somber and driving tune that fuses jazz, hip-hop, and soulful vibes. We are treated to a vivid detail of emotions and experiences as the emcee Supe The Dude draws us into his world with his impassioned and somewhat carefree performance.

“Results” is the last song from QNA and Supe the Dude’s upcoming 6 track EP, Above the Law.

QNA sees Above the Law as a representation of their “pirate” way of life. As Míng, the bandleader describes, the EP is “a call to pirates everywhere – those forced to carve out their own way of survival in this world. It’s a call to immigrants working multiple jobs, fighting for their visas. To those who started new businesses so they can put jobs in the hands of those who deserve them. It’s a call to those feeding their communities instead of waiting on their politicians.” Above the Law embraces this grassroots, immigrant-survival mentality and creates a sonic landscape that is equally self-empowering and exploratory

Get the EP on all DSPs here.

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