The duo of Psynum and vocalist K Raydio have definitely earned a permanent spot on my playlist with their out the box, futuristic take on soul/RnB music. If you have been following WIB, you would know that we show these two tons of love and I must add they keep taking it up a notch on every release with ‘Jupiter’ not being an exception. Gripping melodies,layered textures and neck snapping staggered drums makes this easily distinct and far from some sappy top 40 love song. I need not overstate K Raydio’s vocal abilities, the proof is in the play button. Hit it.

Psymun teamed up with K.Raydio in early 2013 to begin work on a full-length collaborative project. The album, LucidDreamingSkylines, is set to be released in November 2013. Until then, enjoy the sleek and sultry, “Jupiter,” an ode to the romance of the night sky and the adventure of the nighttime.

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