New York-based producer Psych Major is in his bag as he drops a double-single that sees him working with Raf Almighty (Dirt Platoon)  and Bub Styles respectively. The track starts with the upbeat and somewhat Primo-Esque “Killa Tape” featuring Raf Almighty. The beat is bouncy and Raf completes the job with his gruff vocals and heavy bars. The second half is the ominous “Time Sucker” which is as dark and trippy as they come. Bub Styles comes through with his vivid lyricism and no-nonsense style.


These singles are available now via Below System Records (Trizz, Chuuwee, Pawz One, Casual) who are digitally releasing the new material as well as doing a wider digital release of previous Psych Major singles. Those singles include collaborations with Ras KassJamal GasolDaghaMasta AceReef The Lost CauzeToneyboi, DNTE & more.

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