British-Pakistani emcee Prime Sinister raises the bar literally and figuratively on his new release titled “Outmanoeuvre”. The bar heavy track showcases Sinister’s unique style which he terms as Syllablism. Over a hard-hitting cinematic backdrop produced by legendary producer Baileys Brown, Sinister delivers intricate rhymes that connect in tandem while outdoing the opposition who are hellbent on ruining his progress. From espousing a disgust with racial supremacy to a beautiful story of a couple in love who, from the jaws of certain death, fly off into the sky in a soaring bubble – the track has it all.

“Outmanoeuvre” is taken from his ‘Riot Gear’ project but Prime Sinister is currently in the lab and working on his sophomore album ‘Patient Zero’  which will be released in November. The album is produced by Baileys Brown, Leaf Dog, Badhabitz, Illinformed, Muckaniks, Chemo, GhostTown, Sean Peng, Morriarchi, Harvey Gunn and Farmabeats.

Growing up in London in the 2000’s, Prime Sinister was exposed to music that would change the course of his life. Consuming albums from Nas’ Illmatic to Dizzee Rascal’s Boy In Da Corner, and encountering the music of the UK underground, Prime Sinister studied the greatest albums in hip hop and stumbled across the true hidden potential of the genre – and ushering hip-hop writing into the next stage of its evolution as an intricate, intellectual art form.

1. Intro [Prod. Badhabitz]
2. Blam [Prod. Badhabitz]
3. Lab Rat [Prod. Leaf Dog]
4. Outmanoeuvre [Prod. Baileys Brown]
5. Picture The Scene [Prod. Baileys Brown]
6. Bang [ft. Chester P] [Prod. Badhabitz]
7. Villainous [ft. Chester P] [Prod. Baileys Brown]
8. Livid Kings [Prod. Baileys Brown]
9. Vision [Prod. Baileys Brown]
10. Time Will Tell [Prod. Mr Slipz]
11. River Styx [Prod. Harvey Gunn]
12. Summer Days [Prod. Mr Slipz]

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