It is always refreshing hearing hip-hop groups speak on the things that really matter in this time and age. We do know a whole lot is going on the world and Waterbury, CT based Poor Legacy help share their thoughts on a new release titled “World Issues”. The song tackles complex issues in the world today over a mellow, soulful backdrop. The emcees take their time in talking about the challenges people face from day to day and most importantly encourage the listener to rise above the challenges with positivity.

The song is also part of a 8 track single with different versions of the song. Poor Legacy is a 3 man hip-hop group made up of  frontman Nailz, D-Note (Keyboardist), and E-Rhythm (Drummer)

World Issues (Remix)
World Issues
World Issues (Remix Instrumental)
World Issues (Instrumental)
World Issues (Remix Acapella)
World Issues (Acapella)
World Issues (Remix Adlib Instrumental)
World Issues (Adlib)

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