I must say its been a minute since I heard anything from the Xzibit himself so when I got a hold of this joint I was quite ecstatic. Also this would be my first introduction to P Knuckle‘s music and I must say a pretty solid one it is.

Block Monsters has that bass heavy, concrete hard hitting drums meshed with a menacing chop off the tv show The Munsters. Here we have both rhymesters delivering the goods at different intensities and its quite a match to be honest. PKnuckle’s mellow drawl followed by the distinct aggressiveness from Xzibit over a dope Mel Man production. Need I say more?

Get with the program.

West Coast Gangster brutality meets East Coast Boom Bap on PKnuckle’s “Block Monsters.” The beat, which most appropriately samples the theme song from the TV show, The Munsters, should have your subwoofer rattling until Halloween. And to make things worse for the haters, PKnuckle went and got CA’s no nonsense veteran, Xzibit. So in the wise words of The Notoroius B.I.G., “lock your windows, close your doors.” “Block Monsters” is now available for free download.

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