Things got really heated on air a couple of days ago between Papoose and Peter Rosenberg in regards to Papoose’s response to Kendrick Lamar. “No one is gonna disrespect New York City,” says Pap and gets right into it about Kendrick’s line, “I’m a Muslim on pork”,  saying it’s disrespectful. But he does keep it cool by saying this is hip hop; everything goes, as he refers back to the Nas/Jay-Z beef when Jay drop the ‘condom in the baby seat’ line from Supa Ugly.

Then things escalated as Pap lays claims about Rosenberg being biased. “Any situation with Papoose, you got something negative to say. When it’s something positive, you don’t say nothing positive,” Pap argues. Then he calls out ‘(that dude on) Rap Radar‘ and Miss Info. Anyhow, listen above.

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