Underground producer Oh No is set to release a new album next year that is composed of previously unheard material by the artist. With the success of OhNomite and the releases with The Alchemist this is surely material you would not want to miss. It’s musicianship that comes naturally from his blood, being the younger brother of Madlib and son of the jazz trumpeter Joe Faddis it’s no wonder why this producer has been going strong in the underground scene for a number of years.

“Disrupted Ads” contains past insturmentals and other material released with various artists in the hip hop game. The album contains an impressive cast of artists like Blu, The Alchemist, MED, Rhapsody and Souls of Mischief. Disrupted Ads will be  available Jan. 29 via Kash Roc Entertainment. A preview of the album can be viewed here:

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