Oddisee releases a new video to his latest single, Caprice Down.. which is off his The Beauty In All project. Taking place in my hometown, this video documents three skaters from Hammer City travelling through various places in the East Side, some parts of Shoreline Village, alongside the LA river near the 710 fwy, and many other places. Oddisee’s beat sets the tone for this video, which helps give you an eye on what it is like to live in The Beach.

The video also pays homage to a legend, a great friend to many (including myself), and one of the most humble persons you’ll ever meet in life, Michael Green. Unfortunately, he was killed in 2005 over the case of mistaken identity by a gang member. His legacy is carried on through his brother ManMan, Juice, and E.C. (who are the skaters in this video).

Sometimes, you don’t really need words to speak for you. The beat definitely helps you reflect.

We Reminisce Over You, Blacc Mike.

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