Jay Electronica‘s long anticipated album is close to finishing, according to friend and close collaborator Jeymes Samuel. Samuel, who goes by the moniker The Bullitts as a recording artist, told NME

Honestly, it’s in the last stages of recording. It’s just tinkering. Just putting the final… you know when a builder builds a house? And when he’s finished the walls he gives them one little brush over, like a once over? And then the album will be done.

Jay Electronica – perhaps the most peculiar enigma in underground hip hop, something Paddy has discussed previously and is well worth a read –  has used twitter to build hype for the upcoming release, to be called Act II: Patents Of Nobility, by releasing a tracklist last August before cryptically publishing

after the release of Jay Z‘s (he dropped the hyphon from his name via press release, no joke. Only Hova.) Magna Carta Holy Grail, following it up with a series of further tweets.

Samuel followed the news by saying

His album is amazing, it’s remarkable. It is the perfect… It goes hand in hand with ‘Yeezus’ and ‘Magna Carta…’. They go hand in hand… Also, also… It’s weird how Jay Z is intricately involved with all of us, but all the albums sound so different.

So, are we finally about to get Jay Electronica’s album? You better believe it; Jeymes Samuel and Jay Electronica have worked together over an extended period of time and are close. They are both crazily dope dudes, and since the two are collaborating further, this could be one of the craziest hip hop albums we’ll have heard. I’m very, very excited to see what Jay Electronica and The Bullitts have together on Act II!

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