Toronto-based alternative afro-fusion artist NOVA kicks off 2021 with this smooth single titled “Precious Diamond.” The Toye Aru produced track is an Afropop/soul-infused cut ripe with memorable melodies and an undeniable bounce. Also joining him on the track is Toronto songstress and musician Katasha J, who adds a silky sultry harmony to the cut.


Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Precious Diamond’, NOVA says, “this track is about appreciating that special someone in your life. Katasha and I worked this song the first day we met, and it was like magic. I had already started writing the song but when we connected everything just came together organically. What’s more precious than diamonds? Well, I wish everyone who gets to hear this has the opportunity to experience a connection that makes diamonds just a complimentary gift to that truly special person”.

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