Northern England-based rapper Chiedu Oraka, an artist of Nigerian ancestry caught our attention with his latest single “The Trials and Tribulations of C.E.O.” A heartfelt semi-autobiographical piece that details his life and his journey thus far.


Bolstered by a moody and punchy backdrop, Oraka shares revealing information about his childhood and the hurdles he faced growing up in a white-majority city. From having to fend for himself to being bullied and targeted, Oraka shows us how these incidents changed his trajectory in many ways. He sure doesn’t hold back much and even talked about his stint in prison leading to self-realization and growth. The track has no chorus and we get to hear the entire story without interruptions. The track starts off and ends with a voicemail from Tawanda, who talks a bit about Oraka from her own viewpoint adding quite an interesting layer to the song.

Get “The Trials and Tribulations of C.E.O” on All DSPs here.

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