Rising Amsterdam-based alt-pop/ R&B artist Noha Saré caught our attention with the visuals for her single “ALL.” A pop/soul-infused track that showcases her unique melodic runs and evocative lyrics that dives into the dynamics of love and self-healing. She reflects on being caught in a toxic relationship that she finds difficult to escape from and finds other ways to cope with the situation through cynicism and ridicule. It’s quite unapologetic, bright, and heartfelt all at once. The track is produced by Tom Bachmann and Marius Koch.

The visual is expressive and blends different running motifs with engaging performance shots and exotic set pieces that keep viewers locked from start to finish. The visual is directed by Puck Litaay (director) and Noha Saré herself.

Born in Amsterdam and raised by parents who are both artists, Noha Saré grew up surrounded by art. From an early age, she and her brother Marius (who is a multi-instrumentalist and composer) started to perform and make music together. They collaborate on songwriting and Marius co-produces her music together with producer Tom Bachmann. Over the last years, an inspiring collaboration and strong friendship have evolved between the three of them.

Photography is by Kick Van Doorn.

Get “ALL” on Spotify.

Keep up with Noha Saré | Soundcloud

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