Composer/producer Noewan makes his entry on our site with meadowsweetvibes , a 7 track body of work that anchors on dreamy, surreal sounds and varying musical styles to pay homage to a special someone in his life. The love-themed project is ripe with a plethora of samples which are layered in interesting ways.


“spiraeajaponica” sets the tone with an introduction that opens up the emotional floodgates with pure melancholy and solemnity. The sparse arrangement and subtle soaring in the progression are prevalent and work as a world-building tool to draw listeners in. “herbeautifulsoul” starts with a solemn string arrangement before building up to a punchy drum-driven piece. The simplicity in the arrangement is what makes it engaging and the use of short sample chops with longer ones gives it dynamism and breaks it from being mundane. “heavensent” has a soul-jazz aesthetic and is made up of sublime horn passes, dreamy layered strings and keys. The drums here are hushed and dusty and the overall feel is reflective and comforting.


“autumnleaves” lives up to its title as it has a playful and welcoming feel. The drums have a live energetic feel and the sample chops are soulful and nostalgic in many ways. “prominence” is a laidback relaxing beat with rich piano riffs that sparkle like stars at night. The track has a slow build-up and the transition between the chorus and verse sections are distinct and add an emotional oomph to it. “clarity” is comprised of a woozy synth string and sublime pads underpinned by rousing percussions and head nodding dance grooves. It’s a change from the previous jazz-hop rhythms in the previous records but it’s a welcome addition. The sample flip at the end is gorgeously done and helps set the tone for the final track  “omeforher/melancholy”. As the title suggests, it’s a sad and lovelorn piece that is made up of melancholic strings, warm pads and a crunchy drum groove with extensive fills. The track is dynamic and progresses into a drumless section with pulsating guitar licks that sound like they are coming from an AM radio.


Overall meadowsweetvibes, is as cohesive as can be. Centering the theme of love with jazz, soul and obscure samples with a blend of acoustic and contemporary elements gives it an experimental and expansive vibe that lovers of lofi instrumentals would gravitate toward.




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