Composer/producer Noewan is back with a brand new project titled bourbonORCHIDS. This 18-track body of work is the follow-up to his last beat tape meadowsweetvibes , and continues where he left off. The prolific producer brings a refreshing take on instrumental projects with his conceptual undertone and on bourbonORCHIDS, he looks at the duality in music as a whole.


The project opens up with “shotsup!”, a mellow soul-sample-driven track interlaced with vocal samples of people taking shots and chilling. The overall feel is solemn and has a cinematic feel that helps set the tone for what is to come. “Beautiful Monarch” is a smooth love ballad that features Blvck Spvde and Tef Poe. The track samples a classic soul sample and flips it into something different and soul-stirring. Here, the artist talks about that special someone who brings joy to their lives with lines like “Let’s make the scene from Monster’s ball, you my Halle Berry/Holy matrimony love, other niggaz think it’s scary”. Next is “drink like”, a choppy and glitchy beat made up of woozy soulful samples triggered with off-beat effects and followed by “the answers to your problem’s” which uses a familiar loop used by DJ Premier. Here, Noewan repurposes it into a different type of jam with sparse drum grooves that induce nostalgia. The fun continues with “in the bottle’s bottom” which is introduced by a soothing melodic hum and warm plucky guitar licks with soft hushed grooves. The track slowly builds up into a frenzy as thick drum fills and electric guitars come into play and while it’s unexpected, it adds dynamism and punch to the track.


“moonshine” uses a dark brooding chord peppered with airy guitar riffs, glitchy drum grooves and vinyl pops to complete the job. The sound design is commendable and subtle elements pop in and out of the track as it moves along. In “fckitweball ”, Noewan employs an offbeat swing drum groove that makes the track feel off center and wobbly but one might miss the alcohol-fuelled theme as it leads us into “happydrunk”. This piano-laden track has elements of jazz and lofi boombap and its overarching feel is the aftermath of a binge session where the individual is lost at the bottom of the bottle. The producer switches the mood with “heroes” with its solemn and reflective aesthetic. Using tension, resolution and countermelodies in his chopping techniques, Noewan delivers a solid piece that digs deep into our emotions. “newlife”  captures the sober feelings of someone coming to terms with life and waking up re-energized to seize the day. The production is a cross between experimenatl space-jazz with lofi-hiphop aesthetics and it’s dynamic and layered from start to finish. The next track “sourmash”  is built on a punchy drum groove peppered with a potpourri of sounds. From the discordant horn passes, brooding pads and subtle moody chops, audiences are drawn into the mix mash of emotions emanating from this track. “beauty is” is a brilliant soulful banger ripe with anthemic strings, choppy flute-like samples and snapping drum grooves. while “in the eyes of” employs a comforting and nostalgia-inducing sample to drive home its message. The chops on this one are magnificent because I know where the sample came from but unless you’re an audiophile, there is no way you would know.


The project closes out with two tracks featuring a host of guests. The first one “For Sharing” features Subtle Aggression Monopoly which delivers a hard-hitting and dense lyrical performance over Noewan’s jazzy soundscape.  The trio of Mad Keys, Matthew Jamison and Volume Speaks appear on the final track “love&beloved”, a smooth modern improv jazz tune that bridges the gap between the old and new. The live instrumentation and arrangement are quite dynamic and the result is a brilliant medley-like piece that shows how far Noewan is ready to push his musical boundaries. Other notable tracks include  theR&B/jazz infused vibes on “frolic”, “omkontrol “ with its brooding textures and the ominous energy of “the beholder “.


 In the end, bourbonORCHIDS reaches beyond the typical beat tape and uses engaging storytelling and progressive production techniques to great effect.





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