We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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nz – “distant”.

nz returns to our list with “distant”, a sombre and reflective beat that is undeniably gripping. The guitar riffs are soothing and complement the ethereal synths while the sparsely arranged drums add a solid foundation to complete it.

The Last Nation – “Passenger Love”

The Last Nation drops this sublime beat titled “Passenger Love” on our playlist. The title is apt for sure and listeners are given a soulful piece that is both nostalgic and emotionally punchy. From the soft mellow tones, melancholic keys and overall soothing vibe.

blueor & itsokaylove – “Entitled”


“Entitled” by blueor & itsokaylove is as blissful as the rising morning sun. The warm textures, airy plucks and sombre pads all work together and the use of soft drum grooves adds a distinct bounce to it as well.

CaliCronk x SleepingShark – “Coastal Escape”

CaliCronk and SleepingShark bring to us this soul-stirring piece titled “Coastal Escape”. It’s a mix of lofi, experimental chill hop with pop sensibilities. The keys are sublime, pads are ethereal and the overall atmospheric aesthetic is gripping from start to finish.

Exploding Pig – “Burt Reynolds Once Told Me”


Exploding Pig is such an extraordinary moniker but before you get sidetracked the music they make is quite brilliant. The Austrain-based band’s latest release “Burt Reynolds Once Told Me” is a genre-bending piece that takes soul, pop with experimental jazz elements and fuses them with a distinct thread. The layered arrangement of horns, bright guitar licks, solid bass-laden grooves and dynamic tension and release keep listeners locked in.

AR KAY – “Beyond the meadow”


AR KAY‘s “Beyond the meadow” is a dreamy and atmospheric track made up of cinematic pads and strings. They are all seamlessly tied together and listeners would appreciate the dynamism of the arrangement.

rspbrry x Tanooki – “Serene”.


rspbrry and Tanooki deliver “Serene”, a chilled tune that is ripe with warm and soulful textures with a head-nodding groove. The use of soft synths and warm pads also makes it interesting.

vhskid. – “From May To The Universe”

We got something new from the prolific vhskid who takes us from “From May To The Universe”. The track has a sombre piano riff and soulful guitar lines with an overall nostalgic aesthetic to match.

BaoBao – “Mellow”

BaoBao‘s aptly titled track “Mellow” is as relaxing and sublime as they come. From the warm and inviting guitar plucks and sombre pads, he delivers a heartfelt and sublime vibe for us to rock with.


Noewan – “socialdistancing101”


Noewan refreshes our minds on “socialdistancing101”, A trippy lofi/soul piece that is made up of chopped vocal samples, lush textures and head-nodding drum grooves.

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