Pittsburgh-based alternative artist Desolate and longtime collaborator Bengogh, team up for a new collaborative project titled BED ROTTING. The 10-track body of work blends punk rock/Grunge with emo-trap elements threaded by experimental sensibilities.


The first track “Disappear” takes audiences right into the mix with its engulfing guitar arrangements, downtempo but punchy drums underpinned by Desolate’s piercing vocals. The track centers on emotional pain and the feeling of being overlooked. He shares a gripping tale of loneliness with a morbid outlook that captures a deeply rooted pain. Next, we have “Nicotine”, which is introduced by Desolate’s filtered vocals and moody textures. The punchy drums and dark guitars come into play alongside Desolate’s plea for help with lyrics like “Notice that it’s hurting me, concealing that I’m broken/I feel like I can’t replace it/Its a cycle of anxiety that I’m chasing” which give audiences a glimpse into his life. “Time of Day” is a moody heartbreak ballad that centers on fledgling love and how one can’t reciprocate love to that special someone due to uncontrollable circumstances. Joining Desolate is Mereskii Suavé who adds his two cents to the track. The track is short and is made of one long verse bordered by Desolate’s hook.


On “Pareidolia” he teams up with Pink cig for another round of emotional unboxing. The cinematic production is rich, and ominous and adds an extra layer to the heartfelt lyrics. The vocals have an airy and atmospheric feel which gives off an ominous ambiance. “Re Up” starts with a rousing guitar riff that quickly builds into a rock-trap piece. The track features Carter Tomorrow and together they share their frustrations on wax with a blend of dark wit and irreverent attitude. “SICK” ramps up the punk element with a rousing hook on the chorus while the laidback verses give listeners a breakdown of the topic. Here, Desolate confronts a toxic partner, fights his demons and struggles to stay afloat through all the trauma.  Next up is “Mistake” with Cold Hart, a solemn piece made up of sparse drums, and moody pads with lush guitar riffs. The melodies on this track do stand out and have an off-beat cadence layered with reverberated energy that adds space and depth to the mix. “IHEAY” is an emotionally heavy track that focuses on Desolate’s experiences with his ex and the ups and downs of their past. Desolate doesn’t mince his words and cuts to the chase with lines like  She is burning bridges- arsonists/ Bitch, why are you so narcissistic/Turning different from your decisions/Why is it so hard to listen  before closing the track with a rich melodic bridge.


“Die Tonight” starts with a soothing synth pad and slowly builds up into a brooding pulsating synth-driven beat. Again, Desolate proceeds to pour his true feelings on wax alongside SUMMER ALONE. The morbidly titled track is pretty ominous and leads to the aptly titled final track “THE END” which starts with a smooth acoustic guitar that rises to a plateau with dark pads and punchy trap grooves. Desolate brings the project to a close with his admission of guilt and taking account of his mistakes. From being emotionally abused to abusing drugs to cope with the situation and how he loses lucidity through the entire ordeal.  Desolate delivers a potpourri of emotions that range from guilt to anger and resentment.


Overall, BED ROTTING is a dark journey through the mind of a young man riddled with pain and what he does to stay afloat. The tracks are dark and the lyrics are morbid, revealing and unfiltered from start to finish.






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