Veteran Norwalk Connecticut-raised emcee Law first came on the scene in 2004 as one half of the hip-hop duo Sound Right Reason alongside Hush. Now he has ventured on a solo mission as an emcee with an admirable catalogue behind him and an extensive live performance record. His latest release Paradigm Shift is a 12-track body of work that blends profound life concepts and theories with dense lyricism over hard-hitting beats. The project is his third solo full-length project.


“Intro” sets the tone with some historical facts about hip-hop as it arose in NY and spread across other nearby states and globally. The narrator brings it full circle with the emergence of the emcee known as Law, who is bringing lyricism back to the forefront. “Blasphemus” starts with a brooding piano chord, and punchy drums which form the backdrop for Law’s direct straight-to-the-gut flow and graphic lyricism. Lines likeWe back with above average bars, that raw for the masses/ enter to the madness, you asked if it could get any doper than my last shit, sit back just, relax while I chisel scriptures into stone tablets” bring audiences close to the action and it’s peppered with a chorus further explaining the essence of the paradigm shift we are experiencing.


The next track “Peace or Piece” sees the rapper embodying the spirit of a man on a mission to clear all doubts. Backed by a cinematic string-laced edgy soundscape, Law takes matters into his hands with lines like “ A beast on loose leafs/I spoon feed truthsies, your team move like groupies, cleaned out my mental space now it’s roomy” while the soulful chorus help cements his status as an OG. “God Level” starts with a vocal sample from the honourable minister Farrakhan that reaffirms the status of the black man in the USA. The track then proceeds into a dark brooding beat underpinned by Law’s authoritative performance. He goes against the status quo and stereotypes of black people, reminding us of our true legacy as gods on the Earth and also imploring us to keep our heads high in regal fashion. “Killmonger” is a subtle nod to the infamous villain from the Black Panther movie and explores the struggles of the anti-hero who is grossly misunderstood. In a nutshell, Law runs through his experiences and pours out his frustrations on Wax in a relatable manner without sounding too preachy.


“Newton’s 3rd” is a graphic and unapologetic look at the deploration state of affairs of urban life. From the drug and gang-riddled streets to the overcrowded prisons and injustice meted out to minorities, Law doesn’t hold back his opinions and in the end, reminds of that for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. “The Cure” starts with a hypnotic vocal sample and builds into punchy drums and ominous chords peppered with Law’s gripping vocals and engaging rhyme schemes that center on his lyrical prowess and how years of oppression helped shape the black man in America for better or worse. Again, Law stands on business as he is ready to go the extra mile for the culture.


The project closes out with the insightful skit “Prof. Clark” which uses a short clip from an interview with the legendary activist while the final track  “The Gifted” brings closure with its informative and gem-filled themes. The track is built on a soulful and nostalgia-inducing soundscape while Law pens his most detailed and profound take on the current state of affairs. He implores black folks to stay armed, mentally, spiritually and physically for the impending war because no one is safe. Lines like “Everybody is real until I lift off their veil send them all tucking their tail/Hardbody but soft interior like a snail/ The devil doomed to fail, righteousness will prevail/All hail the true and living, new religion, middle finger to the system, coup killing, add light to your vision” explores his mission to spread the truth and his core stance against an oppressive system that is still in place. Other notable tracks include the solemn love-rap ballad “Higher Vibes”, rebellious “Barz” and the hilarious but thought-provoking skit “Dontrapitol”.

Overall Paradigm Shift , lives up to its title and gives a well-crafted, insightful and cohesive talk on real-time issues anchored by hard-hitting bars and cinematic instrumentals. This is a project to listen to with both ears and one mind.








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