Up and coming Boston rapper Nicky Empty gets profound on his latest single “Numb”. Teaming up with producer Flylosophy who crafts a sombre but somewhat anthemic backdrop, Nicky Empty shows us a glimpse into his personal life and then some. He dwells on the lack of feeling or rather apathy towards a certain female. While he delivers it in his own unique manner, the listener should definitely take something from it all



Formally Nicky M, I stopped making music after dealing with some rather serious mental health issues and have since returned as Nicky Empty. Via Boston, MA – the new alias plays on the Buddhist idea of emptiness and is also a nod to the punk-rock band the Misfits founding member/bassist Jerry Only. The lyrical content explores themes of self-destruction, apathy, and an unwillingness to move forward in a relationship. With me hovering over his shoulder, the beat was produced by another Boston local, Flylosophy, who is best known for his work as founder/guitarist/vocalist in local Electronica Group Dark City Agent.


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