Just when everyone thought, there wasn’t going to be anymore news in relation to our charity album “Hope For Tomorrow” more news come through the door.

The Co-Founder and President of Global Giving, has personally mailed us to thank WIB = All of you, for the donations given. Below the mail for everyone that donated to enjoy.

Dear Word Is Bond

I’m writing to offer my personal thanks to you for your generous donation to our Japan relief efforts. Gifts like yours will make a real difference in our ability to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

Growing in up Japan I was trained to expect the next big Kanto earthquake, but somehow never expected that when it finally came its repercussions would be so widespread. The devastation has ranged from the heartbreak of over 10,000 people killed or reported missing, and the dislocation of survivors coming to terms with the loss of their farming or fishing livelihoods, to the continuing electricity shortages felt all over Tokyo. It’s been a bittersweet honor to be in a position to connect people like you who have been so willing to help with these hundreds of thousands of people in Japan. I know that the media has covered the stoic response of the Japanese people, but I don’t think they have conveyed how moved they have been by the generosity of individuals around the world.

That so many have come to the aid of a nation half a world away has been truly inspiring, and we are very grateful.

With sincere thanks,


Mari Kuraishi

Co-Founder and President

Once again thanks to EVERYONE that donated for this project, it’s is highly appreciated and makes a huge difference as you can read above, also thanks to all the artists involved, for contribuiting music to the project and for spreading the word far and wide…..also major thanks to everyone in the WIB team and Bob42jh for their hard work on putting this compilation together.

The album is now FREE to download, but we would highly recommend, that if you do download it, to donate to the charities mentioned on the band camp description, anything would help the cause, no matter big or small.

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