Bad news for the underground movement once again…

Just read over at Mr J Medeiros blog that “Trife Diesel” used the beat from his track “Stronger Man” (below) on his debut album “Better Late Then Never”. The album was released in June of 2009 and it features Royce Da 5″9, Ghostface, and Freeway among others.

This was without any consent from Mr J, that purchased the beat 3 years ago.

It sadness me that once again The Underground Artist is the one that bites the dust. And what’s worst, most people won’t even know about it.

Most underground independent artist, have enough to live and craft the art they love, but that’s it, no money for lawyers/court and all those expenses.

Mr J. Medeiros: “You have labels stealing from you, promoters stealing from you, fans stealing from you, distribution “almost” stealing from you, now rappers are stealing from you?”

I feel the pain…

I started Word Is Bond, for this exact reason, one of the best acts ever (in my opinion), The Procussions had to split up back in 2007 due to piracy….after 10 years togheter, 3 EXCELLLENT albums, touring around the world, opening for Q-Tip amongst others featured Talib Kweli on the lastest album “5 Sparrows For 2 Cents”, they were at the top of the game, when they had to dismantle.

That was not only sad but an eye opener for me, although I supported the group and have every album, T-Shirts, Stickers…all that good stuff. Still feels like it’s a waste of talent….when a group with so much to give, can’t run they course due to piracy…

I am not going to preach about downloading music illegally most people do this at one point or  another…and I am not saying you shouldn’t do it either…but my people if you like your underground music/artists, you have to support these acts in order to keep them going for many years, creating this beautiful music.

K enough preaching…

Still think that Mr J’s original version is Iller..

Would be great to have your thoughts (readers) on supporting underground artists….

For more on Mr J Medeiros head over to his website


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