I recognised this picture (above) about two days back on my facebook newsfeed. The Lupe Fiasco page uploaded it with some thing along the lines of ‘Great News’ captioned. Lupe’s always updating that page – I think it comes via Twitter also- with his daily goings-on so I didn’t read much in to it. However, today it has finally been brought to my attention that Fiasco’s long awaited third album entitled ‘Lasers’ will see the light of day. That day being, Tuesday, March 8th 2011. We all heard the rumours of a possible ‘other’ album in the works, completely seperate from anything Lasers related. Interviews with Lupe himself even revealed it to be called ‘The Great American Rap Album,’ but, well, here we are. The fans can put away the picket signs ready to be thrust upwards angrily in front of Atlantic Records next Friday. Heck, I’m still waiting on his book ‘Reflections of a Window Washer.’

I’ve been in somewhat of a music rut recently, maybe it’s time for some Lupe to fill the airwaves once again. March 8th seems an awful long time away, so crack open the ‘Food & Liquor,’ peruse the essentials of cool, and sleep on this one until next spring rolls around.



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