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After the critically acclaimed debut album, “Love Supersedes” dropped on 4/20/2010, the duo Awon & Kameleon Beats have been gearing up for their second independent release titled, “Concentration Gradient”. The album has been in the making for two years as the group always works ahead stockpiling a huge catalogue of songs to pick from. The grouping of songs on Concentration Gradient are introspective, reflective, and politically charged with social commentary and the groups views on the state of America in our present day and time.

“Free” is the next single that the duo will release before the Oct. 31st release date of their album via awonkameleonbeats.com. “Free,” is a free flowing battle style song that should resonate well with hip hop purist. It has hard dark production and rapid fire punchlines throughout, yet it brightens up for a moment during the musical chorus reminiscent to “Misery” off Awon’s debut “Beautiful Loser”.  “We decided to go with bandcamp.com for our releases because of the ease of use for our listeners and the portability of our compact site,” as quoted from Awon. “Band camp gives us one direct place for people to get our music and it is easy to share.” -Kameleon Beats.

Their new approach to releasing music is a testament to artist independence, and the new consumer relationship between musicians and their listeners. The digital revolution should be embraced and artists should strive for a more personal and grassroots evolution of their brand. In conjunction with thewordisbond.com , a strong supporter of the group, Awon & Kameleon Beats will release the full LP this Halloween for all of you to enjoy.

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