Nenjah Nycist has just laid a new sound at our feet in the form of “Super Focused”. This track shows a mash up of the lofi element that continues to grow popular by the day and the boom bap style that is very synonymous with hip hop. Nenjah, who is an entrepreneurial artist/producer, has just released a 4-track project he calls ‘i love reign’. Nenjah Nycist delves deeper into the darker side of the lofi aesthetic with murky, sonically morose production provided by Olehead – an up and coming producer out of Chicago, Illinois and that is what you hear all over this project.

The Brooklyn emcee exudes his aggressive, raspy delivery throughout the project’s entirety. “This particular song and video is the project’s leading single and it is a prime example of Nenjah’s unique delivery in conjunction with witty, albeit shrewd lyrical tact. “Hallucinate in my shell toes, that’s RUN DMT, they e-n-v-y, ‘cause it’s wild fun being me…” raps ‘Lofi Lebron,’ a moniker frequently used by Nenjah throughout “i love reign.

You can go here to find your preferred streaming link to the project. You can also hit up Nenjah Nycist on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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