King Shahid has a track he created over 2 years ago with us. “By Your Side” is the soulful record that has Shahid spitting real life issues that connects with the average African American who but understands the scenario being described by the rapper. Breanna Marin sounds super spectacular on the hook with her lush vocals that helps bring the mood of the song together. Each verse represent different phases of King Shahid’s life as an adolescent growing up in Brooklyn. The 1st verse speaks on his sneakers to not being able leave off the block, to those unforgettable aromas in the pj’s elevator. The 2nd verse represents his 1st love whom in real life went missing at the age of 14. Shahid embarks on old memories of her in the verse. Rap songs like this one just hit different especially because one finds oneself being able to relate personally to the message in the music.

The song is available to stream on Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music. King Shahid is also available on Facebook.

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