DMV Rapper, Nate Bone delivers a heartfelt and reflective track titled “Rap Politics” where he talks about a myriad of things affecting him. The track is bolstered by a laidback and moody backdrop that helps set the introspective tone of Bone’s performance. He draws the listener in with honesty and clear diction so every line sticks in the ear. From juggling family life, rapping, and dealing with personal loss, Bone runs through the gamut of how life can deal one with wrong cards but the best way is to keep holding on regardless of the outcome.

The video captures his performance as naturally as possible and it’s well crafted. He has two projects under his belt, his debut EP, 1991, and  In Real Life released in September of 2020. Not too long ago, Bone suffered a loss when his family house burnt down. Luckily his 3 young sons and a pregnant wife made it out safely.  He also recently released a video for “Dedication” on youtube.

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