Emerging Detroit rapper MYNA (Rashmi Pandian) shares some tracks from her stash and they are quite engaging and different.

The first cut “Right Moves” has an offbeat production and introduces us to her sultry flow and off-the-cuff lyrics about making hard choices in certain situations and living with the consequences. She is joined by rapper Kevin Bailey who adds his own 2 cents to the track.

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On “Married Couple”  MYNA switches the vibe and makes use of an ethereal production as her canvass as she delivers airy melodic runs throughout the track. The record details her pouring adulations on the love of her life. Her approach is somewhat offbeat and strays from the norm.

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The third track “Castle” is actually an unwritten freestyle off the top of her head and sees her exploring the concept of never giving up and knowing one’s worth in this world. Again, she employs an experimental backdrop that proves she doesn’t pander to the norm and gives quite an engaging and refreshing take on alternative R&B.

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MYNA is an emerging singer/songwriter/rapper who released her debut ep ROY G. BIV” in 2018. She was also one of the four finalists/Recipients for the Inaugural 2019 Motown Musician Accelerator. This gave her the chance to be part of a 12 week Artist Development and Mentorship Program and a $20,000.00 Grant to be used towards music.

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