Emerging rap artist Damon Xavier shares this heartfelt song titled “Dark Chocolate (…justice)” which sees him reflecting on the pyrrhic victory celebrated after the cop who killed George Floyd was convicted. Over a somber production, Xavier looks at the way mainstream media and various communities ran with the celebration with disdain and reminds us that the battle is far from over and the damage is still present.

“Dark Chocolate (…justice)” is the sixth song in Damon Xavier’s EP entitled With(out).

Damon Xavier is a hip-hop artist from The Bronx and Yonkers, New York. After graduating from Columbia University and becoming disillusioned with mainstream methods of social change, he decided to pursue music. Contrasting his own upbringing and experiences with the prestigious education he received, Damon Xavier provides an unexpected and refreshing viewpoint on social life. Some of his music’s most recurrent themes include: race, class, inequality, love, morality and mortality. Damon Xavier enjoys toeing the lines between insider and outsider, aggressive and compassionate, and good and evil as he speaks to the thoughtful listener.

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