Montreal emcee MR.WHATSHISNAME? is a cat that has been putting in work for a minute, but I only got wind of him recently after peeping his collaboration with the enigma that is Rice Master Yen. On this cut titled ‘I’M ANOTHER BROKE MC’, MR.WHATSHISNAME? explores socio-economic themes with an off-kilter imagination and a very distinct flow. I remember saying he reminds me of El-P so with that being said, expect nothing but bars upon bars.

Huge props to the producer Aspect for lacing such a dense backdrop!!

“…Like when I stare into the sky, and see those alien space ships Escape the matrix born to slave, these cages I call a house, keep you trapped, forever stagnant and crazed with  The urge to make a sacrifice for freedom, these slave ships Are public transportation like the metro and busses Extort for petrol, they monopolized corrupted no budging Swing a bludgeon and bust the skulls of these people who run for president…”

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