This a true piece of rarity for any hip-hop historian or old-skool head in general. A labour of love by the formidable curator tag-team of dirt_dog from the TROY Blog, and my good homie St.  Paco of Kung Fu Grip! zine fame. Pure dopeness from the Wong Fei Hung theme song at the beginning to the acrobatic rhymes taking you to the very end.  Continue reading for the download link and the full story…

Rock Steady Mixtape #3: Shaolin Breakbeats

Kung Fu Grip! zine, in association with the TROY blog, brings you Mr. Wiggles’ classic Rock Steady Mixtape #3: Shaolin Breakbeats. That’s right, b-boys and b-girls, this vintage cassette has been digitized and donated to the web for your listening pleasure by the dynamic duo of dirt_dog and St. Paco. So download this baby pronto and prepare yourself for nearly one hour of old school martial-arts-marinated music, bad English dubbing, fight sound effects, and the ill mic skills of Mr. Wiggles and Ken Swift of the legendary Rock Steady Crew.

DOWNLOAD “Rock Steady Mixtape #3: Shaolin Breakbeats” HERE

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