Stuff like this makes you grateful you got working audible reception. ‘Upon Deaf Ears’ is a mixtape full of dope soul beats from an array of producers, features and of course the man Jrue who shines.

Jrue’s an artist outta Cali, and part of the MULA collective, and we’ve actually featured him before with his collab with UK Producer Handbook, who actually produces a third of this tape. Anyway the production as a whole is real dope, some real groove and soul with the beats, and Jrue’s lyricism is raw and impressive. Make sure you download the tape, for free, below.

[viral-lock]DOWNLOAD ‘Upon Deaf Ears’ HERE[/viral-lock]

Oh yeah, as a side note, EarL samples some ACTUAL CLASSICAL MUSIC on ‘The Catastrophe’, some arrangement of this Debussy piece, not quite sure which one, it’s nice though, Debussy’s nice as hell.. But man I tripped out when I heard it. Producers, protip: sample more classical.

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