Ibiza-based artist, multi-platinum songwriter and composer Mo Brandis releases his gloriously soulful and funky debut, The Feel Good Album on his birthday, 6 June 2024 which comes off the heels of his singles “Relax (All Good)” and “Look Mama I Made It”. The 11-track project is a blend of genres with an overarching summer feelgood vibe with some tracks done in collaboration with the world-famous London Community Gospel Choir, some of the UK’s finest musicians, Incognito’s horn section and a 12-piece string section recorded at Metropolis Studios in London. All were written and produced by Mo and long-term collaborator and friend Harry Tarlton.


 The project opens up with“Relax (All Good)”, a horn-driven and uplifting tune comprised of lush guitar plucks, and upbeat drum grooves all underpinned by Mo’s alluring melodic runs and uplifting message of hope and aspirations. Here, he implores us to slow things down, take a step back and enjoy every second. Next is “Look Mama I Made It” which is introduced by retro jazz, pop-infused soul vibes and a hip-hop groove. Mo sings “Got no masters or PHD, but look mama I made it” as he shows contentment and happiness from within. He keeps a positive composure and reminds us that true happiness will never come from external validation. Mo calls up London Community Gospel Choir for the motivational “Rise Up”, a gospel-tinged ballad that aims to fire up our emotions and serves as an impetus to break free from self-doubts and rise to the occasion. The fun continues with the vibrant and summer-drenched “Love It Like This”. The production is rich, and groovy and taps into the feel-good theme anchored on the concept of carpe diem. Mo delivers his trademark soulful runs as the song soars into a climactic chorus with the help of the London Community Gospel Choir.

“No Regrets” is a Gospel, spiritual piece that is introduced by vibrant hand claps, rich organs, lush guitar licks and an overall soulful ambiance that is also enthralling. Joined by the London Community Gospel Choir, Mo delivers another gem for our head top as he implores us to not focus on the past, leave what we can’t change and make the best out of our time. This track truly shows the chemistry between Mo and the choir as the layered vocals and call-and-response approach plays a significant role. Next is “Do It Again”, a smooth party jam ripe with funky guitar riffs, prevalent basslines and a hypnotic groove underpinned by soothing melodic runs and cheerful lyrics to brighten the day while “Perfect Fit” adds a future funk/pop element to the project with it’s staccato plucks, atmospheric pads and a memorable hook to match.

The project closes out with the vibrant, dance floor-filling “Are You Ready” and the befitting sombre closer “Welcome To The Other Side” featuring the London Community Gospel Choir. Other notable tracks include “Purple Train” which captures the positive energy of the proverbial good day and Mo invites everyone to join the train while the funk-soul vibe on “Fabulous” is about self-love, feeling good and sharing it with that special someone.


Overall The Feel Good Album lives up to its name and expectations. The majority of the songs are upbeat and, energetic while the core positive message is maintained throughout but with a touch of introspection and reflection.



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