Ibiza-based UK artist Mo Brandis is an accomplished multi-platinum songwriter and composer whose catalogue and work run deep and wide across the globe. The genre-bending artist takes elements from Soul, Pop and R&B, with his unique twist and now he has something new for his fans in the form of his new singles “Relax (All Good)” and “Look Mama I Made It”. The tracks are lifted from his summer-inspired album, THE FEEL GOOD ALBUM.

“Relax (All Good)” is a horn-driven and uplifting tune that is made up of lush guitar plucks, and upbeat drum grooves all underpinned by Mo’s alluring melodic runs and uplifting message of hope and aspirations. Here, he implores us to slow things down, take a step back and enjoy every second. The fun continues with “Look Mama I Made It” with its retro jazz introduction, pop-infused soul vibes and a hip-hop groove. Mo sings “Got no masters or PHD, but look mama I made it” as he shows contentment and happiness from within. He keeps a positive composure and reminds us that true happiness will never come from external validation.

Mo Brandis’s The Feel Good Album was released on his birthday, 6 June 2024.






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