Druh Slawek – Sample Some Of This, Sample Some Of That Vol. 74

Ah this is SO SICK! If you are like me and you love looking for or spotting original samples of beats then here is an Aladdin’s Cave if I ever saw one.

Druh Slawek is THE conniseur of Hip Hop, Funk, Soul and Jazz in Poland, a legend in Polish Hip Hop circles and is rumoured to own between 10 and 12 thousand vinyls. The ‘Sample Some Of This, Sample Some Of That’ series is a series of mixes where he plays original records and then the tracks that sample them.  There are 84 in total, which you can stream or save to your computer.

For example, in the featured mix he opens with the sample before playing Sincerely by MC Juice. By chance that was the first mix I listened to and when I heard the sample I flipped the **** out, you have no idea, one of my fave all time tracks and beats and here is the sample.


There are some more generic mixes on the page too, and Druh Slawek hosts a radio show from 8PM local time in Poland every Sunday which you can stream here, and funnily enough yesterday he invited producer Metro to join him who I featured not so long ago.

Anyway hope you’re all as excited about this as I am. Now I’m going to lose myself in an orgy of virtual cratedigging. Peace. And a massive shout out and thanks to Graf Cratedigger for the heads up.

Druh Slawek: Website


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