Dr. Oop mixtape by Dr.Umz from eardrumz.net

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Dr. Oop’s Grateful Prescriptions
Mixed & Selected by eardoctorUmz
In promotion for the 2010 album by Dr. Oop of the bLAck Love R88r’s, entitled “THE GRATEFUL DREAD”, with DeeJay/Producer EarDr.Umz The MetroGnome.
Selected from the crates, concocted in the lab, mixed & blended on the wheels, a batch of Dr. Oop’s past & present audio prescriptions!
Includes such classic 12-inch vinyl rarities such as Just The 3 Of Us feat. People Under The Stairs, Twist Of Lime, 9 To 5, Something About Mary, Reign, Afro Joint, and sneak peeks of “The Grateful Dread” LP including an EXCLUSIVE Dr.Umz remix of “The Holy Poet Speaks.”

Sit back, relax, inhale directly into your ear canals and call us in the morning!

Dr.Oop – Circle City ClassicCLICK IMAGE TO VIEW VIDEO

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