Los Angeles, CA-based rapper Miles Gaines is not new to us and has gifted us with a few musical gems in the past. He started making music at a young age and performed alongside hip-hop luminaries such as B-Real (Of Cypress Hill fame) and the Chef himself, Raekwon. His latest release “Laughing to the Bank” is a track from his 2 track project Crescendos, and sees him embodying the spirit of an indie artist charting his lane and breaking the rules. Backed by a thumping boom-bap backdrop made up of haunting vocal samples, pulsating basslines and layered textures, he goes on a fiery tirade about the state of affairs and how he weaves through life’s traffic with lines like

New Rollie still don’t know how to set up the timing Damn, here you go talking that shit again

I was doing shows rocking Zorro’s old Timberlands

Now I’m starting to see the world through a different lens Polo Lounge with my attorney talking ’bout dividends

I need all my on time in a hurry

No net 30’s, less we in the bank with Steph Curry

As the title suggests, Miles Gaines is having fun with this and hopefully everyone is giggling to the money house with him.



Beyond music, Miles also launched a non-profit initiative to help underprivileged youth in his hometown and has been involved in different community development activities

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