South Florida’s lyricist, MeRCY returns with the latest instalment of his Michael-themed series with Michael Myers EP. The 8 track body of work taps into the classic horror genre with a touch of Halloween.

“The Shape (Nightmares)”  sets the tone with its ominous vibe and moody textures. Here, MerCY details his arduous journey in the game, all the hurdles he had to overcome and how the pain and failings made him into some type of monster coming to collect his just due. Lines like “Like a bad dream, disgruntled crack fiends, night of the living, they want they caffeine/Whats that? mad Cream/ Sad Scheme/I’m the white noise on your black screen” display the terror as he silently creeps through the hood like Mike Myers. “Evil vs Good” sounds like a scene from a throwback horror flick with its guitar-laden backdrop and sparse grooves.  MeRCY is still on the prowl and reminds us that he is still relentless and going out to reach his goals. The vibe switches on “Scary Hours”, a bouncy 808-laced trap track that is underpinned by his gruff vocals, unfiltered raps and no-holds-barred demeanour. This is followed by “Smith’s Grove Sanitarium”, a melancholic and ominous track that sees MerCY teaming with Jug The iLLest for a double impact.


“Unsolved Mystery” starts with a crime reporter snippet before switching into an 80s synth driven soundscape with frenzied drums. MeRCY details his underhanded activities as the Michael Myers character as the law still finds it difficult to solve the crimes. “The Boogeyman (Holy Ghost)” and the ominous “Death Note” are solid tracks that continue MeRCY’s trail of terror while the final track “Myer’s Theme” helps close the project on a dark note. It samples a snippet from the Halloween franchise and brings it to life with MerCY’s graphic and disturbing bars.


Stream Michael Myers EP on all DSPs here.
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