Stormy Nights EP is a 6 track instrumental project conceived by BK producer MentPlus. Taking solace in fusing sounds and templates to create a whole new sonic universe, the MentPlus goes beyond just chopping and slapping samples together. The coherence heard on this project is second to none, each tracks flows seamlessly into the other while individual tracks have a certain crisp and snap to them which will have heads nodding within a milli second.

I call this dopeness in small quantity. Hit the play button and go out and support MentPlus via the links below

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Brooklyn-based deejay and producer MentPlus is excited to announce the release of his debut instrumental EP, Stormy Nights. The 6-track effort gives listeners a variety of sounds that are based on his long history as a beat-battle producer, and party starter in the Tri-state area.

In the past, MentPlus has relied on emcees to help validate his production, but he’s looking to make music that can stand on its own. “Often times various projects I’ve created got shelved or lost in the noise because the lack of promotional efforts,” says Ment. “My mistake for years has been waiting in limbo for artists to do something with the beats I send them, but now I’m switching gears. I’m investing in myself instead of holding out for someone else,“ he concludes.

From the brisk opener, “Whispering” to the J Dilla inspired slapper, “Dillacation,” Nights celebrates Ment’s focus on becoming an instrumentalist. Inspired by the likes of The RZA, Diamond D, DJ Premier, Madlib, and Flying Lotus, the EP serves as a commencement of his revived musical direction

When he was crafting the EP, MentPlus wanted to add his own sound into the fold. “There’s a lot of producers who want to make songs without words, but I’m trying to establish myself as an instrumentalist, a producer, and a deejay. Stormy Nights is my way of conveying my own sound while giving everyone a beat they can really sink their teeth into.”

MentPlus’ goal with Stormy Nights and the rest of his work are centered on supporting local talent; he also wishes today’s acts experiment with the tools used by the greats instead of relying on new technology. “Vinyl is forever, whereas your hard drive will probably crash. If you master the fundamentals, you’ll never worry about the fads and trends that that’ll come up.”

The project, which has already caught the attention of famed DJ and producer HouseShoes, as well as various tastemakers in the music industry, is now available through all major digital retailers through High Water Music. This EP serves as a prequel to a full 20 track instrumental LP, set to drop in the very near future. If you hear a track that blows your speakers or has the whole crowd going crazy, know that MentPlus is behind it.

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