Hip Hop is a substance that has been abused for years by pushers and users alike. The effects have been intense to say the least. Many have tried to walk away from the social drug but they find themselves getting drawn right back into it’s grasp. Melodious Monk & TranzFormer have chosen to fight against their denial and take their family on a trip through their hometowns to document their habit of drug abuse, and passion for pushing within a project titled “Slangin Nouns”.

TranzFormer represents sunny California with hard hitting west coast funk soundscapes, while Melodious Monk proudly backs the dark city streets of Brooklyn NY with gritty lyricism and organic wordplay. The mixture is not only evident in their residence it also resonates through their sound! Sit back light one up, or whatever your poison, and zone out while Monk & Tranz take you on one hell of a trip that they call “SLANGIN NOUNS”! -VIA BANDCAMP

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Melodious Monk: Twitter

Tranzformer: Twitter

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