There is no goodness quite like European goodness, so here is Swiss mastermind Melodiesinfonie’s latest creation. Every track is absolutely melted butter on crumpet, so smooth and easy to digest – surely channelling the spirits of the Swiss Alps -, and ‘Slow It Down’ is no exception, possessing powers that could turn a souped up Usain Bolt from sprinter to stroller in a single bar. This Melodiesinfonie beat is a little crunky and lo-fi, but it definitely claps and I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t have a neck-break count in the hundreds. There is no way to obtain it on a personal harddrive yet (with authentic means anyway) so you’ll just have to sit tight with Soundcloud and the play button.

If you are one of the unfortunate ones and haven’t yet gotten familiar with Melodiesinfonie’s works then let me recommend searching through our archives.


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